problem during all injections

  • anonymous557
    problem during all injections
    on: 2013-09-10 21:09:13
    Hi all,i have a problem during my cycle (at week 200 mg boldenone,200 mg masteron,3ml winstrol 50 mg,1 testoviron 250 for 8 week)At 1 and 2 week i have no problem but from 3 week on all iniection when i aspire enter always blood! what's the problem??I'm starting to worry, thanks for help.PS: its not possible always i hitting a vein
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: problem during all injections
    on: 2013-09-11 03:47:46

    Hey bro, first off, I'm not sure what you have going on with this cycle. 200mg of bold for 8 wks is going to be a waste of money and gear. If you want to run EQ, I'd suggest you get more and run it for at least 12 wks at 400mg EW. as for the winny, the half life is very short and should be taken every day. I wanted to share this first because I want to see you do good with your cycle and right now, it doesnt look to be put together too well. 

    Ok, not that I got that out there, here's my thought. I'm wondering how many different sites you are injecting. You're right. it sounds very unlikely that you are hitting a vein every time. I can't help but wonder if you are not rotating your sites and have caused damage to the few muscles you are injecting. My guess is that you are only using a couple sites and have developed a hematoma, or pocket of dead blood. You may have noticed that the blood you draw back into the barrel is darker than normal blood? This is dead blood, pooled in the muscle. If this is what's going on, you are going to need to give these muscle a break before you do more damage and create an abscess. It may take wks or even a couple of months for these sites to heal. It can be a challenge to learn how to inject some of the smaller sites, but rotating is important and if you are going to do multiple injections a wk, you'll need several sites to use. This is one of the reasons that its best for a new user to keep things simple and do a test only cycle. Great gains and only 2 1cc injections per wk. For starters, I would at least use glutes, quads and delts for EOD injects and I would keep the volume low per inject. !cc for a delt, maybe 2cc for a quad, and maybe 3cc at the very most for a glute.