• Thor492
    on: 2014-12-12 10:31:25
    Hey man just want to start by saying thanks for all the help you give. So I'm 21 and I've done 3 cycles before, starting them 8/13, 2,14, and 8/14. First 2 I just ran Test E and Tren A 3rd one was a testE/TrenA/Mast blend. To be honest I was pretty stupid at the time and didn't use any form of PCT besides just giving myself time off the juice and letrozole if I got the painful bead-like feeling of gyno. I know it was stupid of me to dive in without knowing the importune of that, but I was just wondering if I may have done any permanent damage to myself. I have noticed that even when I cut weight I have a very difficult time in losing the fat in my chest, more so around my middle chest behind my nipples, and was wondering if its stuck there from no PCT causing me gyno? Or if my previous stupid decisions have any effect on me now. Definitely more educated this time around researching all I can, starting up Test E, EQ, and Adex soon.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Irreversible?
    on: 2014-12-27 03:48:35

    Hey bro, sorry to hear that this has happened. I dont want this to come off as an "I told you so" kind of statement. I just hope that some of the other newer readers see this and realize how fast things can go wrong, if you go in without knowing what you're doing. This can totally be avoided. It sounds like you now understand that. I feel for you bro. We all put so much into our physiques and it sucks when I hear that a side effect gets in the way. 

    Once you feel a bead or pea sized lump, you have gyno. This is technically considered a toumor and estrogen will feed it and make it continue to grow, as well as encourage fat to gather. The only way to truely fix it is to get it cut out. The gland needs to be removed and if you have gained some additional fat in the area, you will need lypo to sculpt the shape of the pec. But before you go and do that, I would suggest you try to really shread down and see if you can get rid of the fat that way. It may not be noticable once you're super lean. A lot of guys on stage have mild gyno but you'd never know because it isn't visible. You can feel it, but when you're lean, you won't see it.  You'll want to run a good AI on your cycles and really watch estrogen from this point forward. You will want to be very careful with the drugs you pick too. Things that have a high rate of conversion to estrogen will cause problems much faster. 

     And a note about PCT, it sounds like you understand that it can make a big difference, so be sure to run PCT for any cycle you do, long or short.