hgh ?

  • goon78
    hgh ?
    on: 2014-12-12 10:51:32
    1st you have answered several of my questions and the advise has been a huge help and greatly appreciated I am a few weeks from ending a bulk cycle and was going to get gh to bridge and buget permitting continue for awhile. The blue tops say serum level 25.4 or whatever. How would this compare to hyge products and out of color tops what you recommend blue, black etc. I'm am 36 so not a kid and could probably benefit from a regular therapy does, but gonna try to run 4iu per day to hopefully maintain and maybe even continue to gain. Your advise please?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: hgh ?
    on: 2014-12-27 04:17:34

    Hey brother, I'm glad my advice has helped you and welcome back to the QA. I do believe that staying on long term can make a moderate difference in the quality and size of your physique, long term. I think that even 3-4iu of quality GH taken over a year period will produce better gains than you would have gotten otherwise.Even 2iu would make some changes long term. While off cycle, I've still managed to get some decent pumps that have helped me look and feel full when my hormones are low. 25.4 on serem levels sounds good. It's proof that the GH is real, but it isn't always going to give a totally accurate picture of the quality of the product, at least not in an exact way. It ensures that you stuff is real and that its probably dosed well, but it can vary from person to person, and even the same person may get different readings from the same batch, on different days. So I guess all I'm saying with that is, don't get too hung up on the exact number. What would be a good GH to use? Honestly, Naps isn't going to carry bad products because it just isn't worth it to him to risk ruining his long term good rep by selling junk. That being said, to an extent, I think that Hyge is better than the colored generic tops. You might get good quality generic top GH but Hyge has always been consistently selling the same high quality product. When spending a good chunk of money, I want to pay more to invest in dependability. So weigh it out for yourself. Most important, you want to be able to keep using it, so if color top GH is in your price range, pick the one thats best for your budget. If you can afford to go for Hyge, have at it. 

    Another direction to think about is adding the addition of IGF-LR3 in short burst while on GH. It works fast and works well to raise igf levels even higher than GH will alone. Plus water retention goes a little higher and I beleive nutrient delievery gets a little better. That spells better pumps. A great time to throw IGF in is around the time you start feeling weaker or flat, after your cycle and or PCT is over. If you have the extra $60-70, that could be an additional option. Dosing would be around 30mcg for 3 wks, 50-60mcg for 3 wks. Then off for 3 wks. 

    Best of luck, venturing into the world of GH.