A Sticky Situation

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    A Sticky Situation
    on: 2014-12-16 22:44:33
    Hi, I'm writing again because I'm in trouble . I've asked a question earlier in August 2013 called "Nightime Anxiety & Insomnia On Cycle" . I pretty much asked what bodybuilding drugs were least likely to aggravate my existing mental health problems (I'm a bipolar) , and how much sleep was needed to produce optimal gains . After finding a good therapist and psychiatrist that understood me , a lot of medication , and year and a half of consistent effort to get well on my own part, 60~75% of the intensity of my symptoms have been reduced . A major part of my recovery is due to being on an atypical antipsychotic (zyprexa) , 2 anticonvulsants (Lyrica & Trileptal) , a mood stabilizer (lamictal) , an SSRI antidepressant (Zoloft), a beta blocker (Inderal), and 3, yes 3 benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, & Restoril). The medications allowed me to make the most of therapy and stabilize and also keep me out of the hospital . The big problem however is that after being on all of those medications, I've gained about 90lbs over 6 months going from 190lbs to 280lbs . (I'm 5'10 and 24) . According to my doctors, Zyprexa is what caused the majority of my weight gain and dramatic increases in weight on that medication are not uncommon . Fast forward to today and I'm 250 and have been off of my medications for the past 2-3 months, except for benzodiazepines on weekly occassion .( I still go to therapy) I absolutely hate myself and want to get back down to 190 so I can bulk up leanly and fill out nice for this summer. In the past I've tried low doses (25mcgs) t3 and clen however whether taken together or ran separately they make me so anxious to the point where'd I have to take a benzodiazepine every night to sleep . It's more of a psychological type (in my head) of anxiety that they produce rather than a "body" anxiety reaction . The odd thing is that this sort of reaction is new , I've used 140mcg of clen and 150mcgs of t3 in the past before my recent episode and no reactions besides feeling warmer and some mild palpitations . I've tried deca up to 600mgs and dbol up to 50mgs and test up to 1000mgs yet none of those really aggravated my bipolarity . Any suggestions on what cycle I should run to accelerate fat loss ? Am I missing out on not being able to tolerate t3 and clen ? I'm currently prescribed 200mgs a week of Test Cypionate from my GP due not recovering from a previous cycle and having chronic low T . Thank you for your expert help again in advance and best wishes for a happy new year . - Brandon M.
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    Re: A Sticky Situation
    on: 2015-01-02 04:19:06

    Hey Brandon, I'm sorry to hear you have had such a tough time. I've had people close to me, that have suffered from biploar 1, and seeing what they have gone through, I understand how serious it can be, as well as how rough it can be to pull yourself out of the excessive highs and lows that go with bipolar cycles. I'm glad to hear you were able to get yourself out of that hell. Also, I'm glad to hear that you are able to function without all of those medications. I'm surprised the Dr's have allowed you to discontinue the mood stabilizer. From what I've seen with people in your situation, a mood stabilizer is the key that keeps things from getting out of control again. I'm very familiar with lamictal and have never seen it pose a problem for fat loss. I can't speak on Zyprexa, as I haven't worked with anyone that I know was using it. I have seen issues with people on other anti psychotics though, so I'm not shocked. If you are using the benzo's once or twice a wk, I don't see them as being the problem either. If you were on benzo's every day, I could see it having an impact on your physique. 

    As for your current state, that really sucks that this has happened as a result of your meds. But great news that you have already gone from 280 to 250. 30 lbs is a big deal. It sound slike you are moving in the right direction. Your HRT test should be very beneficial to help you retain muscle while losing fat and keep you in an optimal hormonal state. My only suggestion with that would be to have your estrogen checked out. If you are getting high estrogen as a result of your test shots, this will make you hold a lot more fluid (especially being over weight) and it will make it harder to lose fat. I can't explain why you are having a reaction to clen and T3, even at low doses, considering you were fine in the past, but I have expereinced similar unexplained sensitivity to drugs that once didn't bother me. It sounds like you would be best off staying away from them for now. 

    What I would do for the time being...and I know this might not be the answer you are looking for...but I would focus on getting the diet and cardio plan down, 110%. After all, this is the foundation to getting in shape. Yes, the fat burners will speed the process, but the diet is where it all starts. I'm confident that you can drop a lot more fat without having to take anything else. Remember bro, this is about your goal. Not about what your're taking. So don't get wrapped up in the chemicals. For you, it just isn't going to be worth it, to lose fat a little faster. All of that central neverous stimulation would instantly be uncomfortable, not to mention create a possible wave, in what sounds to be a balanced mood. At least at this point. Then another 25-30 lbs, reevaluate. 


    Instead, get wrapped up in the diet. Make that the focus. And fall in love the process. Don't focus on the end goal. Focus on today. Training has been such a salvation in my life and I've seen it change so many others as well. Watch your response to training. See how it improves your mood. Notice how you feel relaxed after working out. Notice how peaceful cardio can be. Watch how good your body feels when you eat clean every day. It will run differently and improve your mood. Promise! And you can always strive for better. Work toward always having a better diet and learn to build it into your life, making this lifestyle all fit, into the rest of your day. If you would like help, please write again and let me know what your diet looks like. I can help direct you a little more. Or if you would like to hire me to work one on one, find me here at Naps, on the Next Level Nutrition   page.


    Also, use a good multi vitamin and omega 3, fish oil. While you're at it, do some reading on fish oil and mental health. While you're researching, look into chromium picolinate and ALA, for use to control insulin.