Dry steroids vs wet steroids.

  • anonymous353
    Dry steroids vs wet steroids.
    on: 2014-12-24 15:48:39
    Hello sir.i wanted to ask you if its true that wet steroids like test,dbol,eq etc are better for muscle mass than dry steroids tren winstrol mast etc.From my own experience even thought tren is a lot stronger than test ive never put on the muscle size like i do from test.tren gives me insane strength but i think its more cns stimulation rather than actual muscle growth.while on wet steroids i find out that i put mass quick(water,fat,muscle)all together.does the extra water retention,extra estrogen makes the difference?im kinda confused here and i washoping you could help out.thank you in advance
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Dry steroids vs wet steroids.
    on: 2015-01-06 16:40:17

    Interesting question and one that seems to cause a good deal of confusion for guys that are newer to gear. There are a lot of old "steroid profiles" floating around the net and I understand, when someone is new to gear, these are usuall the first things people come across. Really you can use anything and make progress, stacked with your test, but it might not be the ideal chem to use to compliment your goal. 

    Test is the base of all my cycles. It's cheap and works well. It can be used for bulking or cutting. Its equally anabolic and androgenic. You'll get strong and grow muscle. You can also cut and maintain under a calorie deficit.  By using more or less AI, you can allow more or less estrogen to build up, depending on your goals. Controlling estrgoen when dieting will help you in your fat loss. Or lowering AI dose will allow more fluid. Also estrogen will resensitize the androgen receptor. So if you wanted to use just one thing, I'd use test as it can be made to do anything you want. Problem is, as the dose gets higher, the side effects increase. I've found first hand that taking 1g of test is not 2x better than taking 500mg. So this is where other steroids come in. You can raise the total Mg of your cycle by stacking with another steroid that has similar qualities to the way you are directing your cycle, but ideally different enough that it will compliment and effect the receptor from a unique angle. So yes, when trying to grow, I'd want to add EQ or Dbol. 

    All of this being said, if something makes you stronger and especially if you are eating more, you should be able to grow, in theory. I think thats where tren comes into play. You can run it long enough to increase stregth very high for an extended period and thus grow.