3.5 or 5 IU a day of GH. Any real difference?

  • anonymous759
    3.5 or 5 IU a day of GH. Any real difference?
    on: 2015-01-02 22:02:52
    I have been on the following HGH and peptide protocol for a year now with great results. 150ug of mod GRF and 150ug of GHRP-2 first thing in the morning, followed by 2.67 IU (1/3 of a Hyge 8IU vial) of GH 20-30 mins later. My understanding is this likely equates to about 3-3.5 IU of GH per day. And as I said above, my results have been good. improved hair, skin sleep etc.My question is does it make sense to increase this a bit and will the results to be noticeable? For example, I would keep the peps the same but use 4IU of GH (half of a Hyge 8IU vial) split between 2 injections, resulting in a total of about 5IU per day. This will increase my yearly GH cost by about 30%. Will this increase produce noticeable results or am I better off remaining with my current program?Thanks very much.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 3.5 or 5 IU a day of GH. Any real difference?
    on: 2015-01-13 18:18:49

    Hey Bro, it's hard to say. If cost is an issue, I would consider cutting out the other peptides and re investing that money as well as the additional 30% into just going to GH alone. I think that your results of going to 4 or 5iu gh alone, no GHRP or GRF, would be better than the combo you have now. I would split your daily dose of GH into 2 or even 3 daily doses, morning, afternoon and pretraining, assuming you train in the early evening. I have seen some good lab results using secretagogues but I think that IGF and GH levels are going to be more consistently higher on actual growth, espeially if you are using a high quality product like Hyge.