what PCT program should I do

  • tfrench
    what PCT program should I do
    on: 2013-09-20 18:39:53
    I am ordering the beginners bulk cycle which runsweeks 1-4 GP Methan10 40mg per dayWeeks 1-10 500mg GP test cyp per weekWeeks 1-10 GP Anastrozole .5 mg per day.Ans I was thinking of doing clomid, nolva, and priviron. What are your suggestions on this?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: what PCT program should I do
    on: 2013-09-24 19:55:43

    You should do just fine with a simple program. 3 wks of nolvadex, 40mg for the first wk, the 20mg for wk 2 and 3. If you'd like to ensure your best possible recovery, you can use HCG through the cycle and stop 3 or so days before PCT, taking 250iu 2x wk