Should I start my cycle?

  • anonymous921
    Should I start my cycle?
    on: 2015-01-23 19:08:17
    I just want to say thank you for your advice it has been so helpful. I ordered the cycle I asked you about in an earlier question. By the time I got it I was injured. I had a partial tear in my rotator cuff and two more partial tears in my medial epicondyle. I have been out of the gym for about six months and I was released my doctor. This has been my first week back in the gym all of my strength gains are gone. Should I wait a couple of months to start my cycle or just start it. Thanks again for all of the help man.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Should I start my cycle?
    on: 2015-02-06 03:48:48

    Hey brother, thank you for coming to the Q/A and you are very welcome. I'm happy to help. We can both thank Naps for the idea of having me host a QA here! 

    Now for starters, let me give you a little advice. In the future, try not to tear anything haha! Sounds like you did a real number on yourself. Im sorry to hear of your injuries. So your Dr released you to train, huh? So I would believe you have been doing lots of rehab and have proven to him that you are ready. Im concerned about these partial tears, Once something begins to rip, it can nag and bother you, eventually becoming a problem. So please, watch yourself closely. 

    As for gear, I think you are on the right track, waiting for a bit. Give yourself 2 months or so, to test your body out naturally. Remember once you go on, your muscle is going to get much stronger. In fact, your muscle will get strong faster than your connective tissue. I've heard it said that tendons are a few weeks behind. So even naturally, you are probably going to pick strength back up fast, so try to limit yourself from adding too much weight. I'd go up by no more than 5% per week.