• anonymous415
    on: 2013-09-24 04:17:15
    I've taken the oral only stack for 8 weeks with the liv 52 as directed. When my cycle was over im still continueing to take the liv 52. but now my libido is shot . Is it my body just getting its normal hormone balance back and how long should it take before I get my sex drive back to normal? I still have proviron should I countinue taking just that to increase it?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Libido
    on: 2013-09-28 05:20:57

    Did you run PCT? You need to use post cycle therapy with any cycle. When your libido is low, that means that your natural test production has not turned back on, This means you dont have natural test to help you maintain your gains. Get yourself some nolvadex asap and run it at 40mg for one wk, then 20 mg for 2 additional wks. If that doesnt do the trick, stay on the nolvadex, take a shot of HCG at 1000iu 1x EOD for a wk and then continue on 20mg of nolvadex for 3 more wks.