Dbol for athletes?

  • anonymous838
    Dbol for athletes?
    on: 2015-01-29 07:09:23
    I love reading this forum is really has a lot of great information. When I see dbol it is always brought up in the a "bulk" cycle discussion. Is there any good reason an athlete would take dbol? Maybe in the off-season to bulk up in order to fill a position better or up a weightclass? I was also wondering about the dosage. Im sure athletes should avoid taking too much, what do you think? Cheers!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Dbol for athletes?
    on: 2015-02-22 04:55:23

    Yes Dbol is a bulking drug. It will make you hold water fast, make you go up in weight, gain strecth and put you in a very anabolic state, great for growing muscle fast, whcih could be good in a short off season. On thing you'd need to do is find out about your drug testing and find out when you need to be off ahead of time. If testing is an issue, coupling it with TNE would work fast and you can get it out of your susten fast enough to pass a test, with the right time frame.



    TNE 100mg ED

    dbol 40mg ED

    adex .5mg EOD 


    PCT would start a couple to a few days aftrer you have finished your last shot of TNE