Test C,Winny,Anavar, EQ

  • anonymous427
    Test C,Winny,Anavar, EQ
    on: 2015-02-02 23:26:35
    Hello, I have been reading this forum like a mad man doing research and would like a critique of my next and 3rd cycle. I'm 48, 185lbs and on HRT. I would like to gain lean mass and ad some size. Here's what I'm thinking for my next cycle.Test cyp 1 ml/250mgwkWinstral 1 ml/250mgwkEQ 400mg/wkAnavar M-F 20-50mg/dayAnastral m/w/f 1 mgHG 30iu/dayHGC .5 ml Sat/SunI was going to run this for 8 weeks, but with the EG i am now thinking more like 16 weeks.How does this cycle look to you? Thanks for your time and help!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Test C,Winny,Anavar, EQ
    on: 2015-02-24 20:32:27

    Hey bro, this cycle is looking all over the place. Some of it I may not be understanding, but lets make it simple and keep the dosing consistent. Heres a plan using everything but the winstrol. Instead, I'm listing EQ



    Test Cyp 500mg EW, 2 shots a wk

    EQ 400mg EW, 2 shots a wk

    adex .5mg EOD

    HCG 250iu 2x wk


    Anavar 50mg ED


    Then after the cycle, go back to your HRT dosing