• anonymous578
    on: 2015-02-03 11:44:25
    Hi sir,my gril freind wants to be shredded, she does not want take some steroids injections;she prefers tablets :)before I gave her CLENBU and T3 , she lost some weight but she keeps the HUGE mass on thigh, legs.Please what can you advise me to make as cardio or exercices? because I triend HIIT, 45min Cardio, legs exercice with less weight....!Can I give her DNP with something else? If yes, what is the dosage?THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP.
  • IFBB Undercover
    on: 2015-02-27 04:26:31

    Fat loss isn't something that can be lost in certain areas as easily as much as it is something that can be lost as a whole. Think of it as removing water from a glass. You can't choose which parts of the glass you want to empty. You just need to focus on getting rid of more. She needs to diet harder to get the fat off her legs. For many females, the lower body is resistent to fat loss. This is due to hormones and female disposed fat distribution. AAS do help, as do fat burners but of course, its the diet and cardio. Mainly diet. Cardio and fat burners just add to the deficit. The key is getting her to retain muscle while she dietubs down. Besides the clen, t3 and var, another direction to look into is Nolvadex. 10mg ED for a few wks, then increase to 10mg 2x day if she does ok with it. No more than 8 wks of total use. This will dry her out and help with fat loss. Keep in mind that AAS like side effects can occour.