Cycle Review

  • PunkRockLifter
    Cycle Review
    on: 2015-02-07 09:05:32
    First of all my apologies I was trying to skip down a line in my original question, not submit it.Week 1-16 750 mg sust. week 3-6 50 mg anadrol a day. I don't wan to kick start id rather it be working when the sust starts to kick in too, something new im trying. week 1-10 400-600mg deca depending on how I react. week 11-16 Tren Ace 50mg EOD. Depending on liver values Dbol week 11-15. On a side note while that seems like a pretty intense oral combo close to eachother my liver has held up well through some double methyl stacks before and I am going to get bloods done before starting the dbol as well. as far as supports go, im going to run caber from the get go at .5mg a week, im going to run exemestane as ive always had better results with it over other AI's, I have 10 mg pills was going to run it at one pill every other day and maybe drop it near end of deca run and pick up when dbol starts? also going to run some nolva when using the anadrol because some say you should use it over an AI for the a-bombs. should I start the exemestane after the nolva? Run both during the anadrol or just run the exemestane throughout? Lastly if I run nolva on it should I do 20mg eod? Ive never used nolva while on cycle. thank you for youre time I do much appreciate you looking at my cycle. PCT would be HCG 1000 IU ED for 10 days, I use nolva for about 5 weeks (an AI for a lil afterwards) and I usually use clomid for the first couple of weeks to just be extra safe. thanks again.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Cycle Review
    on: 2015-03-04 05:51:35

    Hey bro, sounds like you have a fair amount of personal experince and not only know how things "feel" but look at lab work. If you can run orals for longer, more power too you. While on, also check your cholesterol values and see whats happening to your HDL. Take this into account when you decide to add an oral or not. As for the estrogen control, personally, if the arom works for you, I would try to stick with that through the cycle. I've heard of nolvadex stimulating proges while on deca, so I would shy away if possible. Personally, I never use Nolva on cycle nor do I suggest it to the guys I work with, so I have not seen an actual reaction between nolva and deca, but regardless, if the AI works, I'm much rather keep it simple and elimiate as many variables as possible. Also, there is going to be some overlap in week 11 and 12, maybe 13, where the deca is still at high levels while you introduce tren. This is a lot of 19 Nor at once. Personally, I am not a big deca fan, so I haven't had any expereince combining tren with deca, so these weeks might also pose an issue. Just look out for that and be aware that you might need some extra caber in that period