metabolic panel test results, estrogen levels

  • RockHard
    metabolic panel test results, estrogen levels
    on: 2015-02-07 20:31:40
    First of all, thanks for doing this. Your answers to these common questions is super helpful!I'm running my second cycle: 500mg test-e twice weekly, dbol 20-30mg ED. I'm mid-cycle now and I had some blood work done. Prior recent lab tests (off-cycle) indicated levels were all within normal range. Results this time: HDL is low (15) and LDL is high (171). Triglycerides are normal (71). Creatinine is high (1.57), BUN/Creatine ratio is low (6) and eGFR is low (52) for non-African American. Finally, estrogen levels seem super high (491). I think these results emphasize the importance of going off-cycle to permit recovery, no? I clearly need to increase my fish oil intake while on gear plus get more healthy fats, omega-3s etc. Fish, avocados, olives. I assume high creatinine levels are due to heavy-lifting and also possibly 5mg daily creatine supplementation. Plan to test again mid-cycle but after a 5-day period without heavy-lifting and without creatine supplements to verify I'm not doing too much liver damage. Estrogen levels are concerning. I don't have any gyno symptoms but I've ordered adex for next cycle and take 40mg Nolvadex now every other day. I do have relatively high body fat (19-20%) and understand that can lead to higher estrogen levels.I realize you're probably not an MD but what are your thoughts, suggestions? Are there other things I can do help keep these levels in the normal range? Or do you just live with them while on cycle and make sure you have enough time for recovery off-cycle? Much obliged, bro'!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: metabolic panel test results, estrogen levels
    on: 2015-03-04 06:07:29

    You are on the right track here, in every regard, though BUN and creatinine are related to kidney function, not liver. Think of your kidney as a filter, The test will determine how well your kidneys are working, based off the amount of muscle enzymes have passed through it, into the blood. But this test doesn't take into account that someone with more than average muscle mass and someone that is training hard, will have more enzymes than a normal non-athlete. Sounds like you understand that and yes, the best way to get a better reading would be to go without lifting for a couple of days. Still, I would expect it to be a little higher than normal if you have some muscle. The key is to keep an eye on these levels and test often enough to see if the levels are stable or rising. If they are high, but stable, this is one thing. If they are high but still gettting higher, this is a red flag. 

    As for your cholesterol, sounds like you are planning some good options to fix this. Go with your plan. Fish oil, healthy fats and foods with fiber like oats. For this, as well as liver and kidney function, yes, the key is taking time off. So often, you hear these young guys saying "I'm ready to go back on because I don't feel shut down anymore". Recovery is so much more than just testosterone levels. The only way to recover and stay healthy, is to come off and give your body down time. 

    As for your estrogen, this is what I would call crazy high! Get on the adex ASAP. I would start with .5mg ED for a wk, then drop back to EOD