Tren Injection Pain

  • joelstein64
    Tren Injection Pain
    on: 2015-02-10 04:23:18
    Hello, I'm a 50, male and on HRT of 200mg/week of test c. (2 years straight) I have done a cutting cycle in the past with test c, masteron and winny, all went well on this cycle. I am trying another cut cycle right now that I purchased on here, the intermediate on of test p 100mg EOD, tren A 100mg EOD and winny will be starting today (week 3) plus the anti est. I did get a 5 minute bout of the tren cough for 5 minutes with a lot of sweat on one occasion only. Here's my problem. I have always always alternated upper thigh. Since the tren injections, my thighs have been so sore, to the point where it's difficult to bend let heel to ass. It clears by the next injection, but that means I'm always left with one sore leg. This is not a hygiene issue, or an alcohol swab issue (where un dry alcohol might leech in to the site) It's just a damn sore muscle. I read that you said it's better to go in with tren at 50EOD, but I was going by the stack on here. I like everything so far, but this soreness has got to go. Or am I being a little bitch?!!! Appreciate your thoughts.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Tren Injection Pain
    on: 2015-03-10 15:23:29

    You need to rotate sites.  For EOD shots, you should be using at least 6 sites, if not more. Glutes, quads and delts are pretty easy. Lats are not hard once you figure them out too. Some gear hurts more than others. Tren has a good amount of solvents and can cause more tenderness than some other gear. Besides site rotation, you can also try a few things to cut down on pain. 1, you can mix it with other, less painful gear. Prop tends to also be painful, but if you were to switch to your test cyp, that is usually a pain free shot. 1/2cc EOD along with your tren would cut the pain. 2, you can warm the gear up a little. I use a hair drier sometimes to warm the barrel or the vial, lowering the viscosity of the oil and making it go in smoother.  Just be sure that you don’t make it hot to the point that it burns when you inject! 3, you can get some sterile oil. Mix it with each shot, starting at 50/50 and see if that makes a difference.  4, try to get some blood in the muscle you have just injected. For instance, with a glute shot, go for a light walk for 20 min/do light cardio, getting blood into the muscle, helping to work the shot in