eq cycle plus tren

  • Brian970
    eq cycle plus tren
    on: 2015-03-05 03:36:57
    I want to run eq 600mg/w for 8-10 weeks then go to 400mg/w and add 400mg/w of tren eth. Do I need to run test when I run tren? Or is eq and tren ok to run? Also should I run any pct during the cycle after adding the tren?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: eq cycle plus tren
    on: 2015-03-22 05:08:32

    You need test at the base of this cycle. Becuase they all need time to kick in and get the most out of each compound, I would suggest you put the cycle together more like this :



    Test E 500mg EW

    EQ 500mg EW


    Tren E I'd start at 300mg EW


    Then you would start PCT 3 wks after the last injections