starting over

  • mpf1972
    starting over
    on: 2015-03-07 22:38:26
    Im 42 5ft3 150pnds hvnt trained in about 3yrs before I stopped I was preparing for a am contest but chicken out ...need to get my younger self back muscular and lean please help moo
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: starting over
    on: 2015-03-26 15:48:16

    Someone once told me "You can take fitness as far as you want". At the time, I was very small, pale and weak. Since then, a lot has changed. I've watched some guys progress and make major changes every year and eventually transform their physiques into something impressive. I've also seen guys that have been slightly commited to training and even less commited to least for any consistent length of time. This type of guy has made little progress, year after year. I see this kind of guy in the gym, making excuses as to why he doesn't have the body he wants. 

    This is just something to think about. Life is short brother. If you want to make fitness work, you have to be self motivated. No one else is going to care if you get in shape or not. So dig deep and work hard while you still have the life left in you to achieve your dreams


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