Correct time it start pct

  • anonymous167
    Correct time it start pct
    on: 2013-10-03 00:18:15
    Hello sir, will be coming off a cycle soon which is test enanthate 250mg/week plus tren enanthate 600mg/week. Im running this for 15 weeks with cabaser. My question is, from the day of my last pin when should I start taking my pct? I truly only started to feel the effects of the juice at week 6-7 so in my mind I'm thinking that the steroids will still be very active for 6-7 weeks after my last jab and that would be the time to start pct 6-7 weeks after....??? Also, given my very low dose of testosterone in comparison to other doses you have advised pct's for, what and how much of should I take....? Thank you so much for very wise advise and appreciated responses.....
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Correct time it start pct
    on: 2013-10-04 00:45:54

    When it comes to PCT, more doesnt really make PCT any better, so across the board, if you were running a gram of test of 300mg, the amount of SERM you use will be more or less the same. The difference with heavier cycles would be adding more compounds, like HCG to the PCT and possibly running your SERM for longer, if needed. I would start PCT 2 wks after last injection. It takes time for long acting AAS to build up to supraphysiological, but it wont take as long for them to clear. If you waited 6-7 wks, believe me, the test would be long out of your system and you would be well on your way to losing your gains. 

    nolvadex 40 mg in wk one, then 2 wks of 20 mg. If you still dont feel like your recovering, you can stay on 20mg for longer.

    Also, I just want to note, that although you took a low dose of test, test is way easier to recover from than 19-nor's like tren. Tren shuts you down much harder. I always run HCG on cycle, especially when i'm using tren or deca.