clen dose for women

  • Elizabeth
    clen dose for women
    on: 2015-03-17 00:51:31
    This Q&A is awesome! If this is on here already I apologize for duplicity. I'm a 47 year old in a medical related field, teach group ex on the side, not overweight and more fit than most women but honestly just never dedicated nutrition and exercise. Crash dieting has left badly unwanted body fat mainly on thighs and glutes. I've completely dedicated myself to clean nutrition and focused weight training. My ex boyfriend is a long time steroid user with a perfect body. He recommended Anavar and I just took my first dose. I took 10mg before reading on here to start with 5mg so I'll back down tomoro and pay close attention to side effects. The ex didn't think I would get the results I wanted without adding T which I ordered but after researching don't feel comfortable. Am I right? I'd like to add Clen. What dose should I take?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: clen dose for women
    on: 2015-04-01 04:46:06

    Good call, not using test. A lot of guys don't understand, test is fine for fact, its my go-to suggestion for a steroid to start with, but for females, it's only the high level competitors that should be using test. Those girls still need to be very careful, and even then, expect to experience some level of side effects that will not reverse, such as facial hair growth and other male characteristics. Lots of stuff you shouldn't be worrying yourself with.

    And good call on the var, See how 5mg goes and take it from there. If after 4 wks, you feel good and aren't experiencing sides, see how you feel on 10mg, split into 2 doses a day

    As for clen, there is no worry about these types of sides. Its much safer for females. I would start with 20mcg and see how you respond. You may experience some stim effect to your CNS as well as a tremor. This will go away shortly. Once you are ok with it, move to 40mcg and stay there for 2 wks. Then increase to 60mcg. Continue to increase every 2 wk by 20mcg, going no higher than 100mcg

    Also, I would look into yohimbine HCL. Not yohimbie bark, but Yohimbine hcl, the stardardized extract, which is much more effective. Yohimbine is great for fat loss, especially for estrogen related fat. I would start at 2.5mg and later go to 5mg. It works well in combo with clen.

    Good work, doing your own research and not just going by what someone else says!