caloric surplus on HGH

    caloric surplus on HGH
    on: 2015-03-19 02:22:34
    Hey brother, thanks so much for answering my previous question! Your knowledge is greatly appreciated. Anyway, I did a lot of damage to my liver when I was younger and had alcohol related pancreatitis. I've been in recovery for a few years and have taken my life in the opposite direction (fitness). Nonetheless, I've decided against steroids due to their impact on the liver etc. I am using Hyge 2iu ED yet want to gain any possible mass while over time leaning out. Because hgh will help shed fat, can I run a large caloric surplus w/o too much concern about getting fat? My nutrition is on point. I'm looking to lean out but still want to get bigger (not fatter). I know hgh is a long-term endeavor and I've only just started my 2nd week. I want to get up to 3+ iu ED within a few months. If hyges were cheaper I'd go higher. I guess my question is, can hgh have a legit clean-bulking effect with enough calories? My other question is, if I work out in the AM and take my shot pre-work, should I still be splitting doses and taking another shot 6hrs later? Thanks SO much for your knowledge!
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    Re: caloric surplus on HGH
    on: 2015-04-02 04:10:21

    Hey bro, for sure, GH will allow you to eat more without getting fat. For body types that tend to get fat, this can help a lot. I find that for fat loss, splitting my dose up helps. I will break it up into 2-3 shots a day. If you are using 3iu, I would take at least 2 shots, 1 about 30 min preworkout and another 6-8 hours later. If you work up to 4iu, I might do 2iu in the morning before training, then 2x 1iu shots spread out through the rest of the day

    On the topic of your liver, check out Tudca. There is a lot of exciting research coming out about it lately. It's not cheap, but hey, if it works, which it does appear to, it's worth its weight in gold.