test e to sust

  • goon78
    test e to sust
    on: 2015-03-27 10:11:22
    Hey man I am currently running test e 250 2x week with tren e 200 2x week . I want to switch up to sust instead of the test e. How would you transition I will still be running the tren e with the sust I stay o trt so when done with cycle is just going back to trt good enough or is there more to it with these compounds thanks
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: test e to sust
    on: 2015-04-16 20:25:37

    This is an easy transition. Since Sust has fast esters, you can just simply start the sust right after your last shot of Test E, without having to make any further transitions. If you do HRT, when the cycle is over, all you need to do is reduce your test dose back down to your HRT level and cut the other gear. No need for PCT, when you are on HRT, as you are not trying to recover your natural test levels