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  • anonymous771
    Cycle Help
    on: 2015-04-01 00:33:10
    I am in need of some advice for a cycle I am hoping to start soon. I took a cycle recently with 500 mg/week Text Cyp and 500 mg/week Deca with an estrogen blocker, followed by nolvadex as my pct. I am 6'2", and prior to the cycle I weighed 205. Post cycle, I weigh 220 solid. I was 7% body fat, now I am 9-10% body fat. I want to get to about 240 and then drop to 230. The cycle I am considering is:12 Week cycle750 mg Test E per week600 mg Deca per weektbol or dbol 100 mg every day for the first 6 weeks1 mg Arimidex every other dayPlease let me know whether dbol or tbol. Also, I would love to put on sufficient size and not have too much water gain. Please feel free to add or change things. Also need some help about post cycle? I also considered tren?Thank you so much for the help and direction. Really appreciate this service. Thanks again and God bless.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Cycle Help
    on: 2015-04-17 19:06:11

    Dbol will produce more water retention than tbol, but overall, I think the gains are better and it is a safer drug, based off what I've seen in my lab work. 100mg is a lot of either dbol or tbol. I would imagine you could do well, using a little less dbol and suffer from less water retention. 

    As for PCT and recovery, using some HCG while on cycle would be a wise choice. Deca shuts guys down hard...harder than the dbol or test will. So some HCG will keep your body used to producing while you are on. Then cut that out a few days before PCT. Since deca has a long half life, you might want to consider running your test 1 wk longer. So if you were planning 12 wks, you could do this something along these lines

    1-13 Test

    1-12 Deca

    1-6 Dbol


    adex, HCG, stopping the HCG a few days short of wk 15


    Clomid 100mg ED


    Clomid 50mg ED