Thoughts On Next Cycle

  • Tater
    Thoughts On Next Cycle
    on: 2015-04-01 06:44:26
    Im new to this so bare with me. I will be running my third cycle granted my gear comes in from this site as this is the first time using napsgear. Im 245lbs 6'2 and have been body builing or as you could say lifting for awhile. I used to be really skinny it seemed but tall back in high school and then when I played college baseall on a full pitching athletic scholarship they had us in the weight room every morning and i started to take lifting serious. I ended up just using basic protein shakes and graduated with a masters in health and wellness and Keinesology and was drafted to professional baseball. After being released a few years later I began to love the sport of body building and put on some serious gains. People oculdn't believe it was me as i wasn;t the small guy anymore and well with not being in professional sports anymore I began to make the choice to use preformance enhancers. My cycle I am about to do is Test Prop at about 1.5 cc eod and Tren Ace at about .50-0.75 cc eod. For an AI i was going to run Arimidex and for pct Clomid and Nolva. I was going to run this cycle for 14 weeks. I usually run my cycles in the summer time as during the year my profession is very time consuming and wont allow me to give full 110% effort so I choose not to waste my time and try to maintain anything I have gain prior. Im looking to keep my stature but become bigger in a lean aspect. I havent been doing well with eating properly and trianing as hard and this will be my first tren cycle and im excited but can anyone tell me what I am in store for. I would love ot shed this body fat % down, create more vascularity and gain size. I am going to compete in my 2nd body building show as I won my first one and was happy about that but Im trying to get the edge and look back as I had before, and I know it takes twice as long to lose muscle than to gain it but Im hoping this next cycle can snap me back into the love of the sport and really help me gain aspects back. I would welcome any repsonse to this post and advice with this cycle and ideas or excitment of what to exspect.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Thoughts On Next Cycle
    on: 2015-04-18 16:01:41

    Not quite sure what your specific question is bro, but if you are looking to make some fat loss progress, tren/prop will help with that. It's a great compound for transformation, as long as you can use it in a moderate way and not have too many side effects. If you are competing, tren will be a good option. It does not cause water retention, so most guys can run it all the way into the show