Pre designed Stack

  • anonymous886
    Pre designed Stack
    on: 2015-04-08 06:19:06
    I'm looking to do my first cycle and saw the pre-designed stacks and decided to buy Athletes Endurance stack. Now, I was on HRT for about 4 years, finally decided to stop about 7 months ago. I finally started to feel a lot better the last couple of months just trying to get my babies to turn back on. I'm 35 yrs old 5'7" weight around 150. My question - how do I run this? It comes with Weeks 1-10 250 mg GP Test Cyp 250Weeks 1-10 400 mg GP Bold 200Weeks 3-10 40 mg GP Oxan per dayWeeks 1-10 .5 mg GP Anastrozole per dayDo you think this is a good plan to follow or would you have one better in mind. I chose this stack because I thought it would help me out while playing basketball and not gain too much weight to slow me down maybe around 10-15 lbs of just lean muscle. Also, once I finish with my cycle, how long of a break is a safe period? thanks.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Pre designed Stack
    on: 2015-04-23 19:29:59

    Really you would do just fine with this, or even less, minus the EQ or minus the Anavar. But all three would work fine. The only thing I think would need to change would be the adex dose. .5mg ED is a  higher dose for many. See how you do with .5mg EOD and then go from there. Also, just keep in mind that running gear is going to shut you down again and it will take longer to get natural production turned back on, if your body is already experiencing issues. A good plan for you, if you would prefer to recover would be some HCG and clomid to help turn things back on. 


    HCG 500iu every 3rd day


    Clomid 50mg ED