First Cycle? Test, dbol

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    First Cycle? Test, dbol
    on: 2015-04-13 21:11:12
    Alright first of all thank u so much for all your answers and all the help that u give to us here in naps, THANK YOU. With that being said I want to ask u what u think about this cycle as my first cycle?Weeks 1-10: 500mg Test E or cyp ew (2 injections of 250mgWeeks 1-4: 30mg of Dbol per day (split in two doses, one pre workout, one 12 hours later)Weeks 1-12: .5mg of Arimidex EODWeeks 4-12: 500iu's of HCG per week (2 injections of 250iu's or one of 500?, same days as test? PCT starts week 12Week 1&2: 40mg Nolva edWeek 3&4: 20mg Nolva edAnd also what brand of test (e or c) should i use? I think about GP and also it says that each vial is 10ml/vial (250g/ml). So does that mean that each vial have 10 shots of 250g of test? Thanks in advance!!!
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    Re: First Cycle? Test, dbol
    on: 2015-04-27 03:11:58

    Looks like a good plan. You can take the HCG on test shot days. No issue there. Just stop taking it 3 days before PCT. And yes, Geneza is great gear. It is 10ML and each ML is 250mg. So you would need 2 vials for your cycle. Maybe 3 to be safe, in case you draw too much per shot