Cycle for leaning.

  • MightyRza
    Cycle for leaning.
    on: 2015-04-14 00:39:45
    hello, i'm looking for a good cycle to run to shred my belly down. I'm 5'5 190lbs but with good amount of mass, clean diet and light cardio every work out. I'm not in any way shape of form contest ready, but im not fat either.. so any suggestion?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Cycle for leaning.
    on: 2015-04-27 03:14:22

    Remember that diet and cardio is key. That is what will make or break your plan. You may want to add in some clen for fat burning, to push your clean plan even harder and get better fat loss. Then for gear, something like this would be good. 

    1-12 Test E 350-500mg EW

    adex .5mg EOD to ED


    oral winstrol 50mg ED


    Dont forget about PCT after your cycle is over brother!