T-levels results

  • anonymous
    T-levels results
    on: 2013-10-10 21:15:08
    I appreciate you answering my first questions. I recently got my labs back from the doctor and my T-levels are lower than I expected 357ng/dl. Two years ago they were at 410. The doctor wants to wait another 6 months to test it again, but I already know that I have been feeling like shit for the past several years, especially in the weight room. I am still doing research on cycles, but right now I really like the beginner mass stack followed by the pct stack on the naps website. The mass stack is wk 1-4 methan10-40mg daywk 1-10 test cyp-500mg a weekwk 1-10 Anastrazole .5 every dayThe pct is :wk 1-4 40 mg nolva EDwk 1-4 100mg clomiphene EDwk 1 4500 iu hcgwk 2 3000 iu hcgwk 3 15oo ui hcg.With my age-39 and the low t levels, would you run this cycle exactly like this or differently due to low t levels? After the initial cycle, how long do I wait before starting again? With your experience, dosing a 500mg or 250mg 2x a wk, how high do you think the total blood testosterone levels go? Could I run this stack twice a year for the next 10-15 years?BTW, all other results were normal, I discussed hormone/aas use with my wife and she gave me the go ahead-we did watch bigger,faster stronger.
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    Re: T-levels results
    on: 2013-10-15 19:32:19

    First off, I'm glad that things we well with the wife. Thats really great news! Now just make sure you stay responsible with your gear use and dont make her regret it haha. The cycle looks fine. They've done a good job putting predesinged cycles together. The only thing i would change is the amount of adex. .5mg ED is high, especailly for that dose of test and considering your goal is muscle gain, not cutting. I wouldn't think you'd want anymore than .5mg EOD while on the dbol and maybe even slightly less when the dbol is over.  I would split your test injections into 2x wk, like mon and thurs. This will keep things a little more stable. speaking of dosing, I would split your daily dbol dose into 2-3x per day, as the half life is quite short. Then when it's all said and done, PCT will start 2 wks after your last test shot. My only concern with your PCT program is the HCG. It looks like you are running it while in PCT. I would instead run the HCG through your cycle at 250iu 2x wk and finish up no closer than 3 days before PCT.

    The ideal amount of time to wait before you run another cycle, is the amount of time it takes to reset your body, letting your liver, kidney and test levels return to normal. As for your natural test, you are on the lower end, but you don't have low test as far as medicine is concerned. I believe 300ng/dl is the low end of "normal". You're just about right there. With where you're at, I wouldn't be shocked if you have a hard time getting back to normal, after you run a cycle of 2. If you're interested in HRT, you can keep your levels at more like 1000ng/dl,