Prop and Andromix

  • anonymous420
    Prop and Andromix
    on: 2013-10-11 05:25:09
    I recently ordered 100ml of Test prop 100mg and the Prop/tren Ace/masteron 50mg of each mix, 100ml of that also....i am experienced with gear but havent used any gear in the last 3 yrs due to incarceration. Im at 260lbs about 20% bodyfat...i want to lean out with some quality gains...what dose would you suggest of each?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Prop and Andromix
    on: 2013-10-16 16:43:01

    Any way you can get ahold of an additonal anabolic like dbol or NPP? I could see doing a solid 12 wker, starting with prop and (something for more mass gains), then switching to the andromix to harden up. I would also add in a low dose of an AI to help control estrogen and therefore help fat loss through the process. The key will be your diet, eating very clean, but getting a good amount of cals. Of course, I cant say how many cals you need, since I dont know your body, but at 20% BF, I have to think that insulin/carbs may be a concern for you. I can't imagine you wanting to start with over 300g carbs in the diet. Make sure you get them from low glycemic sources like brown rice, oats, sweet potato. 

    Heres what I'd envision for a cycle. You probably wont use all of your gear, but keep in mind, your body is super clean right benefit of your 3 year "break" ;) So try not to judge yourself by what you used in the past. You can probably make great gains on much less than you used to use. Take advantage of that. 

    12 wk cycle

    adex as needed throughout 


    prop 600mg EW


    dbol 30mg ED


    1cc ED Andromix

    .5cc ED Prop

    you'll obviously hold more fluid in the begining of the cycle and dry up as you drop the dbol. overall, the mg of hormone will increase in the 2nd half of the cycle,which I personally find helps me to avoid homeostasis

    PCT starts a few days after last injection