3rd Cycle questions

  • anonymous878
    3rd Cycle questions
    on: 2013-10-11 11:43:17
    hi man , thanks for taking the time to reply to people , very nice to help !i recently did my second cycle , wich was a total fail ...as i can't do injections , i went for a Dbol only cycle .30 mg per day , split in 3 times , but i had NO GAIN at all , not even water , i eat like an horse , and didn't feel anything (it was some body research blue hearts)so , now i have a question for you , i bought a few things during my monthes off , and i wanted to ask you some help to have finally results ...i have (ALL ORAL) :- Dbol from balkan- Methyltestosterone from gen-shi- proviron from balkan- tamoxifen from balkan- clomid from gen-shiPS = i don't want to take averything at the same time , i just stocked that , and would like your help to do a great stack many thanks for your help !J
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 3rd Cycle questions
    on: 2013-10-16 16:55:52

    Hmmm, my question first is, what is your issue with injections? You know, its very common to feel uncomfortable with them. We've been conditioned to by society, but the reality is, there are a lot of medications that are injected every day and it isn't a big deal. I think a big part of the issue is lack of information for many people. Fear comes from not understanding something, in so many cases. In the long run, you would be a lot safer to use an injectable over an oral. Its the orals that are hardest on the body. Orals work well, when they are used to kick start longer cycles, because you can use lower doses and for shorter periods of time. When you depend on orals as your only source of anabolic, you are putting your organ health at greater risk. Please think about that and take a look at this link : http://juicedmuscle.com/showthread.php?49-A-Guide-to-Safe-Injection-Technique

    As for your blue heart cycle, I cant help but wnder if you got fake or under dosed gear. As for your new stuff, Balkan is ok, from what I've seen, but i would go with Geneza dbol for the win, every time. They make some of the best dbol on the market. 

    With the gear you have, this is how I would run a short, oral only cycle :


    dbol 30 mg ED

    prov 50mg ED

    keep nolvadex on hand for signs of gyno


    PCT starts the day after you finish the orals

    1 wk of clomid at 100mg, followed by 2 wks of 50mg


    for the future, research doing a test only cycle and I promise, you will keep your body much safer and make way better gains