• bearclaws
    on: 2015-04-25 20:58:50
    I'm curious, is there a minimum amount of BAC Water a person can use in order to reconstitute GH? I was using 1mL/cc to reconstitute 10IU vials. However, after I switched to 8IU vials, I started using 0.8mL/cc to reconstitute. My question is, could I save even more BAC Water by using only 0.6mL/cc to reconstitute my 8IU vials? My current regimen has me at 8IU daily. With that in mind, I would then be able to just do separate injections of 0.3mL/cc, twice a day, in order to reach 8IU. Seems like it shouldn't be an issue and it'll save me a decent amount of BAC Water in the long run. Nevertheless, just wondering if further lowering of the amount of BAC Water used might cause me any problems that I'm unaware of. Like always, thanks for the help!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Reconstututing
    on: 2015-05-06 01:30:16

    I've thought about this too, but heres my conclusion. Cost of BAC water is way way lower than the cost of GH. So use as much as you need, to get all of that precious GH out of the vial. You could probably use even less water, but the less water you use, the more exact the measurement gets. With a limited amount of BAC water, the more you are likly to leave behind in the vial, as you try to get that last little bit out. There is always a tiny bit that won't draw up into the needle and if it's very concentrated, that might mean losing .25iu or even .5iu,  in just a few drops. I don't now about you, but I find that idea unacceptable! haha

    But sure, if you were running short on water, you could always use less. I've gone as low as .5ml of water for a vial, Personally, I wouldnt make a habit of it though