First cycle pct advice

  • anonymous386
    First cycle pct advice
    on: 2015-04-27 00:48:54
    I am going to take winstrol 10mg Ed for 2 months, I understand this is a small dosage, do I nee a post cycle and if yes what do I need to use?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: First cycle pct advice
    on: 2015-05-05 01:49:46

    If you goal is cosmetic, I don't think that 10mg is going to be enough. If your goal is for enhancement in a sport, I think you could find a better option, or keep it to a shorter run. Problem is, any streoid you take is eventually going to shut your natural test down and you will slowly begin feeling the signs of low test. Believe me. Its not good. Low sex drive, lack of energy. The solution is to run test as the best of a cycle. If you want to avoid that, the next best option would be to keep your cycle shorter. like 4 wks on, then yes, you would want to probably run a PCT after. I would suggest running a PCT for any cycle as all gear will effect your natural production. Something simple like 50mg clomid ED for 3 wks would probably be enough to help get and keep you on track. 

    Also, I would suggest that you up the dose a little. If you read my QA, you'll see that I usually suggest staying conservative, but there comes a point that too little isn't going to be of much advantage to you. I would go to about 30mg, at the very least, to see any effect as a PED. If you are interested in muscle building, 40mg or more. 


    Overall, I would normally suggest that a guy uses test, even at a very low dose to make gains or to cut, but I don't have enough info to make that judgement