Pros Cycle on and off?

  • veniceboy
    Pros Cycle on and off?
    on: 2015-05-06 16:25:43
    hey bro. thx for your service here. its great and im very thankful for that. now i always wondering how the pros doing it: after olympia or big shows, do they a PCT or cruise on a low dose?i know maybe you can only speculate but it would be interesting to know how they do it...
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Pros Cycle on and off?
    on: 2015-05-16 03:19:10

    Just like anything else, everyone does things differently. Now days, a lot of guys never come off totally anymore. A lot of guys go to just test and run their version of HRT. Some stay on a lot. Some stay on a little. If you know who Chris Acito is, a lot of his guys are known for using less gear than most, year round. I know of guys who do well in the Olympia level 212, that are using less than 1g total hormone for a contest along with a higher dose of GH and then comes off later. 

    It's usually the guys that are pushing to get to the next level that are taking the most and not taking much of a break. Its the tier 2 pros and in a lot of cases, you'll find amateurs that are taking more gear than pros. Its usually the guys that are trying to make up for weak genetics that take the most. You can "force" things to an extent, but it can only be done for so long before health issues arise. 

    Your best bet is to be sensible and take what you need to grow. If, for instance, you took 500mg test in your last cycle and made some good progress, there is no need to take 1g of test in your next cycle. Over time, it will make sense to up the dose. Eventually, the same dose isn't going to do what it did before. But if you exhust your training and diet, you can make good progress on "Average" doses for some time. Just add a little here, a little there. Maybe a new compound when that is no longer working.