What is a good anti estrogen

  • Colt
    What is a good anti estrogen
    on: 2013-10-18 01:54:53
    I'm not real smart about this anti estrogen stuff I've never had a problem with it before until now. I'm running a cycle of Test E 250 at 325 mgs twice a week. I'm 3 weeks in and have bad water retention in arms, hands, feet, ect. I need to know a good anti-estrogen or what I need to do different. Thanks
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: What is a good anti estrogen
    on: 2013-10-21 22:32:09

    everyone seems to respond in a slightly different way to different AI's. Personally, I've found that adex seems to work well for most everyone. Not too strong, but does the job. At your dose, I would start with .5mg 2x wk and see how it goes. Remember too that if you are suffering bad, at only 3 wks in, there is a good chance that your diet could use some cleaning up. You may find that you are more sensitive to sodium while on. Make sure you are getting a consistent amount of sodiu through the day. And Maybe cut the carbs back just a little, or eat most of them in the earlier part of your day. As you get your water retention back under control, you can turn the carbs back up higher if needed