Will this stack work together?

  • anonymous250
    Will this stack work together?
    on: 2013-10-18 20:33:44
    3x GP Bold 200 1cc mon/thurs Weeks 1-12 400mgWeek4x GP Sust 270 1.5cc mon/thurs Weeks 1-12 810mgWeek3x GP Tren Acetate 100 1cc Every other day Weeks 1-12 400mgWeek2x GP Methan 10 (dinabol) Weeks 1-6 40mg perday before workout2x GP Stan 10 (winstrol) Weeks 7-12 40mg perday before workoutDoes that look ok i been trying to do some research but just want to be completely positive this will work has a good stack or it wont work together plz help want all the info i can get
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Will this stack work together?
    on: 2013-10-21 22:40:34

    This looks like a solid, advanced stack. If you are an advanced user, this will get you pretty jacked. A lot going on here. If you are by chance, not advanced, I would, at the very least, drop the tren. Another consideration is the amount of time you'll be on orals. I would never suggest that someone used orals for 12 wks straight. Your cholesterol and liver are going to take a beating. If you are an advanced lifter and want to use a hardener toward the end, I'd opt for an injectable, probably masteron prop at 100mg EOD for the last 5 or so wks. This will help dry out, harden up and at the same time, not be quite as harsh on your body. I would also be sure that you keep at least a small dose of an AI in there, especially in the early part of the cycle, while running dbol. Speaking of dbol, I dont think it makes much of a difference if you take it preworkout or split through the day. Yhe only difference I've noted is more side effects when taking it all at once, vs 2 to 3 doses


    these are all solid products and I'd gotten good results from all of them