best way to take gp Methan 10 throughout the day ??

  • Tom
    best way to take gp Methan 10 throughout the day ??
    on: 2013-04-24 01:41:37
    hey .. I,m 5.8 , 23 years old , looking to stack Sus 270 with Gp Methan 10 , I just need to know how to take the pills on training-non-training days please
    thanks For your patience .
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: best way to take gp Methan 10 throughout the day ??
    on: 2013-04-24 04:08:01

    hey bro, no need to thank me. i'm glad to be here to help. i've found that the effect is faily similar, no matter how i take my dbol. i've taken it split up 3 times. i've taken it 2x. i've used the injectable taken my full daily dose in one shot before i train. its all similar. that being said, especially when you're new to dbol, its a good idea to split it up at least into 2, in not 3 doases, to keep your blood levels stable. with a 4-6 hour half like, morning, afternoon and evening doses are good. this may reduce side effects. i would be sure to run an AI like adex or aromasin to reduce conversion to estrogen. dbol can be nsaty for gyno and once you have it, you have it. no amount of letro will get rid of it. it can reduce it dramatically, but unless you go under the knife, its there. so play it safe and watch yourself closely. if you feel itchiness or tenderness at the nipple, reduce your dose or even come off it for a couple of days while you up the AI and possibly take a SERM like nolvadex. take your dbol the same on training days as on off days. steroids are about consistently elevated blood levels. 6 wks of 25mg GP dbol will put some wicked weight on you, especially for a firs time user. one of the very best dbols on the market. 


    if this is a first cycle, be prepared to feel a bite from the sust. personally, i suggest a single ester like cyp to first time users. easy to manage. usually less painful. virgin muscle can take some tome getting used to these oil based injects. be ready. the up side is, GP makes one of the smoothest preperations out there. best of luck and feel free to ask anything else you need to along the way, bud