Tall skinny fat

  • anonymous970
    Tall skinny fat
    on: 2015-05-21 05:20:17
    Hi I first want to to thank you for all your help so far. My question is that I'm 6'3 and weigh about 195-200lbs and carry a lot of fat around my stomach and especially lower back/hips (love handles) I just ordered some clen, tren, anavar, and have 3 vials of test prop. With what I have what would be the best way to fall below 10%? Btw even when I am losing weight it doesn't seem to come off around the waste/stomach. It just seems that I'm getting weaker in the gym. If I had to guess Im around 18% but you would think I'm at11-12 with a shirt on. Any advice will help
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Tall skinny fat
    on: 2015-05-28 05:19:51

    Sounds like your diet is off to begin with. You'll need to make a major overhaul in order to make this come together to diet and cardio. These things will be the key. Then if you can get lean enough, the chemicals will give you a hard grainny look. Steroids themselves will not make you lose the fat. They will help you to maintain and even grow new muscle with enough protein spread though the day, and then you will need to play with the carbs and fat ratios to get to your goal. 

    Clen will help with fat loss, but it sounds like you are holding close to 40 lbs of fat and clen alone will only scrath the surface of that. So cardio and diet. 

    Ok, so lets talk gear. It sounds like this is your first cycle? Prop can be a very painful shot that requires EOD injections. You can use this but you might be better off holding on to it until another cycle when your body is used to injecting oil based AAS. If you get some test e, you can take it at 2cc per wk, split into 2 shots. If you do use prop, you will probably need more.  Also, Not a fan of tren in a first cycle. If you read the Q/A, you'll see where I have outlined a ton of reasons, but none the less, here is how I would put a plan together using these items. I'm also going to outline a cycle that would be much better suited for you, if you are new to gear. And not matter what you do, you NEED to buy an AI, some arimidex would be good

    wk 1-8

    1cc Prop EOD

    .5cc Tren EOD

    arimidex .5mg EOD to ED

    clen starting at 40mcg per day and adding 20mcg every 2 wks

    wk 5-8

    var 50mg ED


    Dont forget to run a PCT starting 3 days post cycle. I would suggest clomid.