22 y/o 1rst cycle

  • anonymous195
    22 y/o 1rst cycle
    on: 2013-10-18 21:47:24
    Hi I've one question about my first cycle that I want to start the next month.I'ts my first cycle and I want to take only that really need I mean without overdosing...I'm planning to run 400mg/week of test e and 400mg/week of eq for 10 weeks takking arimidex .5 eod and post with nolva and clomidMy questions are:If I take only 250mg of test e It's enought or it's whaste my money.How about add to the first 5 weeks 200mg of primo x week it's this or only take 200mg for 10 weeks without the 400 of eqShould I add hcg 500ui ew in order to avoid little balls efect or could run all the cycle and do the pct without hcg and only take clomid and nolva in the pct.Sorry for my english I'm from spain, ty for your answers!!! Love naps
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 22 y/o 1rst cycle
    on: 2013-10-22 02:31:11

    Greatings, Spain! Wonderful country! Being that this is your first cycle, you want to keep it simple. If you were to run a 400mg test only cycle, you would do fine, but I dont think that adding 400mg EQ is going to hurt anything. I wouldn't worry about adding primo on top of that at this point. Save stacking new and different compounds for future cycles. As for the HCG, it isn't needed, but adding it is only going to help your recovery and help your maintain your gains when you come off. It is well worth the addition, IMO, for any cycle. If you run test and EQ, you will need to wait about 3 wks until you start your PCT. You an contunie to run your HCG at that time, up to 3 days before PCT starts.