• Kai
    on: 2015-05-26 21:09:15
    I received my first box of Hygetropin today and the sticker doesnt have the code on it to check for counterfeiting. What is going on here? Also, it says to store between 2-8 Celsius, yet it was shipped obviously NOT in those conditions. Can you help please as this is my first order. It will be my last if something seems wrong.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Hygetropin
    on: 2015-06-09 05:04:21

    Hey bro, if you want to speak with Naps about authentication, you'll want to go to the help center and ask there. As for the product, I can tell you that Naps get their GH directly from the original Hyge factory. I've used them and had a good response. Last year I used the 200iu kits. This year, I used the 100iu kits. Both of them were gerat. Some of the best GH I have used. But for peace of mind, drop them a message and if you really want to check up on the quality, you can always have labs done to check your IGF and GH levels.