Highest Dosage

  • bearclaws
    Highest Dosage
    on: 2015-06-05 11:11:54
    What is the maximum dosage of GH (lets use Hygetropin) you would consider as "safe", to be injected within a 24-hour period?<br>On a related note, what's the most GH you've ever injected in one day?<br>On another not so unrelated, note, do you still recommend not injecting more than 5IU at a single time, and if so, could you explain your reasoning behind that?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Highest Dosage
    on: 2015-06-18 05:09:46

    I think that a better questin might be low little can you take and still get a great effect. I wouldn't suggest usig more than 8-10 Iu split through the day. I've gone as high as 20iu in a day for a short time. Mainly I got bad side effects in the joints. I suggest breaking your dose up iinto around 3 or 4 shots s day. Your body is only going to use so mcuch for muscle growth at once. so spread it out through a day and try to keep levels always elevated