150 mg test p 100 mg var

  • anonymous883
    150 mg test p 100 mg var
    on: 2015-06-08 20:08:10
    im planning an 8 week cycle that includes 150 mg eod test p 100 mg of var ed exemastane 12.5 eod and hcg 250 iu twice a week ending the hcg two weeks before pct. any changes in cycle? And what would you run for pct... Clomid Noval ?Thanks Mac
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 150 mg test p 100 mg var
    on: 2015-06-26 04:36:52

    Not a bad cycle at all bro. I'd expect to see some quick strength gains and if you get in good shape, you'll look hard. You might need a little more Arom to get really dry, so feel that one out brother. 

    For PCT, I'd say clomid is best. I'd start 100mg ED for a wk, then 50mg for 2-3 wks, starting about 3-4 days after your last shot of prop