NEED HELP ;) unsure about my stack !

  • anonymous878
    NEED HELP ;) unsure about my stack !
    on: 2013-10-22 23:37:09
    hi man !- i would really like to have your advice about a cycle please, because i bought all the list below , and i wouldn't like to have any interferences between compounds ..- AND i also want to order test , but which one please ? (to add it with the orals , wich quantity ?)- it's the 2nd cycle only so it doesn't need to be a huge one , but deffo needs to be strong :)thx a lot bro !PS = if it lacks of something please tell me ;) - Balkan pharma Dbol- GP Oral Tren- GP Stan 50 (Winstrol tabs)- GP Methan50 - GP Proviron and also have for PCT some clomid and tamoxifen
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: NEED HELP ;) unsure about my stack !
    on: 2013-10-26 03:11:58

    Ok, I'm glad you understand your need for test in the cycle. This should be your base, but believe it or not, just the test alone at 500mg will probably give you better long term results with fewer sides than if you wrere to run all these orals, consecutively! I would get enough test to run between 350mg to 500mg EW for 10-12 wks. You can use either test e or test cyp. Both will work the same. Personally, I like Geneza brand test. It works very well and has a low amount of pain from injections, which is great for newer users. I would also get ahold of some adex and run a small dose through the cycle at about .5mg 2x wk. 

    now lets look at these orals you have. You have 2 brands of dbol, oral tren, winstrol and prov. What you use will depend on your goals, but I certainly would not use all of them in this cycle. Really, one oral is plenty, especially for your level. Orals are much more toxic on the body. The average healthy maie can handle them just fine, but you want to keep their use low and for shorter periods. If the goal of this cycle is to gain mass, and you are on a mass gaining diet, I would certainly use the dbol. I prefer Geneza dbol over every dbol out there, so I would suggest using that (geneza Methan50). Their dbol is very strong, 25mg ED would be plenty. Thats a half tab. In the future, I would buy the 10mg tabs so you can split your daily dose easier. Since you have the big ones, I would try as best as you can, to split your daily dose of 1/2 tab into about 2 doses a day. I know. Its hard to do with 1/2 of pill because of their triangular shape. Just do your best. This cycle would look like this


    wk 1-10

    test cyp 500mg

    adex .5mg 2x wk

    wk 1-6

    GP dbol 25mg ED


    If you wanted to cut, instead of using the dbol, you could use the winny. Since this is your second cycle, I would hold on to your oral tren. This stuff is really hard to deal with for many people. I would get through this cycle and then, the next time you cut, add it in for the last 3 wks at no more than 500mcg ED. as for the cutting cycle using winny, I would do this. note that I am suggesting the use of your prov too. It is not as harsh as the other orals and will help to dry you up. 

    Wk 1-10

    test cyp 500mg

    adex .5mg 2-3 times a wk


    prov 50mg ED


    winny 50mg ED


    for either cycle, PCT starts 2 wks after last injection