First cycle/trt

  • Jxo616
    First cycle/trt
    on: 2015-06-13 01:24:01
    Hi. I'm glad I've stumbled in here..ive been reading tons of so many far this ones seems to be the one that helps bring clarity to ppl like myself... question is can you help by recommending a cycle for me...I am 34 yrs old...5'11..270 lbs. 22% body fat.Also i am on TRT. I take 100 ml of Test cyp. Weekly.. Anaztrazole Also I take 100 mcg. Of levothyroxine..I have hypoThyroid...I have been on both for over labs show test levels @ 240..and thyroid lvls. what can you come up with for a fatty like me??
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: First cycle/trt
    on: 2015-06-29 04:38:42

    In a situation like this, I'd really have to dig into your diet as your diet is going to be key to get the progress you want. BUT, test levels at 240ng/dl on 100mg Cyp a week?? That sounds off to me but it just goes to show that everyone metabolizes drugs differently. For your HRT, I would suggest you try upping the dose. I would take it to 200mg EW, and I would split it into 2 shots. After 4 wks, I would go back in and have labs done again. Once you get that under control and are confident that you can keep your test at a higher/normal level where you feel comfortable, a good cycle to help with fat loss might look like this...But keep in mind, your results are going to be highly dependant on your diet and cardio. If you or anyone else would like to work directly with me on a diet plan, check out my service here at Naps. Next Level Nutrition 


    Test e 500mg, split into 2 shots

    adex as needed

    (And if you want to step it up)


    GP Mast 200, 400mg EW, split into 2 shots (can be combined with your test


    Then 2 wks after last shot, go back to your new HRT program


    The Mast will help to dry you out and harden you up, giving a much more dramatic effect than test alone


    UC-Next Level Nutrition