2nd cycle suggestion

  • anonymous421
    2nd cycle suggestion
    on: 2015-06-14 09:57:35
    Hello sir First of all thanks for answering all my previous questions. I would like to ask your opinion for my 2nd cycle. On my first cycle , I was about to run test prop @ 100mg EOD and tren ace @ 100mg EOD but I did more research and decided to run a test prop only cycle @ 100mg EOD for 8 weeks. I am very pleased with the results. I am now preparing for my next cycle(lean bulk) and I am thinking of running test prop 100mg EOD and NPP @100mg EOD for 8 weeks OR a test prop only cycle @150mg EOD. I want to hear your opinion about my proposed cycle. Which one is better? For pct I will run clomid 100/50/50/50 and nolvadex 40/20/20/20.I will also take exemestane @ 12.5mg EOD while on cycle.I am also thinking of taking some t3 while on cycle. What would be the proper dosage of t3?Can you take clen while on cycle?Does it look ok? Please give me some tips and suggestions. Thanks
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 2nd cycle suggestion
    on: 2015-06-29 04:58:27

    I think that for a mass gaining phase, you would be better off with long acting gear. It builds up much higher in your blood stream and produces more gains, IME. I would suggest somthing like Sust 270 and if you want to use NPP, that will work finr. 


    wk 1-10

    Sust 270 .5cc EOD

    arom 12.5mg EOD or more as needed

    wk 3-10

    NPP 75-100mg EOD


    No need for t3. AT3 wil only burn calories that could be used for muscle gain. If you want to avoid putting on too much fat, make sure that your cals are close to being above maintance but not way over and use small amounts of cardio to keep tigher. 


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