Good cycle or bad cycle?

  • Paco230
    Good cycle or bad cycle?
    on: 2015-06-21 04:32:08
    Hey brother, i'll tell you right now, i've gotten fat and weak. Made great gains last year and shit it all away with the bottle and feeling sorry for myself like a little bitch when work took a bad turn. That shit is over now. I was planning on test e 500mg / Deca 300mg / tren 400mg per week with anastrozole 1mg every third day. 10 weeks. I've got anadrol 50 from last cycle that I loved. Would it make sense or be good to take 75 mg ed for the first 5 weeks or no, and would i need to finish the cycle with hcg?Thanks for your help brother, you're helping me destroy my demon.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Good cycle or bad cycle?
    on: 2015-07-01 16:50:21

    Hey bro. I'm not a big fan of mixing deca and tren. Both are 19-Nors and the proges and prolactin sides go way up when combining them. Sounds like you want to recomp with this cycle and get lean. How about EQ instead of Deca? EQ and tren go together very well, maybe 400-500mg EQ. You can use your drol but if you are fatter right now, it might lead to some major water retention. Remember that you can get a good effect from drol at small doses, so even 25mg would be enough to see a boost at the start of a cycle. 50mg would be plenty to hit it hard. I'd run it for about the first 4 wks.  I'd just watch that. HCG wouldn't be a bad idea and you can run it through the cycle at 250iu 2x wk. 

    Remember that your results are going to come from your diet and cardio plan, so get that in order, then hit it hard and the progress will happen brother!

    Totally unrelated, bodybuilding is an extreme sport and it draws in a lot of strong personalities that tend to be more on the extreme side. Its a great activity for people that are kind of OCD and for people that do well with structure. The strucure of the diet and training gives consistancy to my day to day life. I personally thrive off of this. But remember, bodybuilding will not give you balance. Believe me. I'm speaking first hand here. You don't want to just trade off drinking or drugs for the sport. It is a "quick fix" to the problem, but it isn't a long term solution. I think it can be PART of the answer, but if you are like me...If you tend to be extreme and have periods of self destructing, there is something else that needs to be worked on. I'm going to use the world spirituality. I'm not talking about "god". I'm talking about your sense of peace and balance in the level of ease, dealing with problems and hard times. All I'm saying is, make sure you keep up with all areas of life. Stive for balance. 


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