Pre designed stack

  • anonymous454
    Pre designed stack
    on: 2015-06-25 05:14:42
    Ive never used gear before and a lifting friend recommended this site for me. Ive been bodybuilding for two years and put on roughly 40 pounds in those two years. The last few months i havent had any decent progress even though my diet and training is good. I'm about to start a bulk cycle for competition next year and i see napgear has predesigned stacks for bulking. Two questions, 1) should i use the beginner bulking stack because I have never used before, or the intermediate because i already have put on a good bit of mass naturally? 2) what else do i need besides what comes in the stack? I.E. syringes, PCT, ect.
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    Re: Pre designed stack
    on: 2015-07-02 02:36:07

    Hey bro, welcome to Naps...and welcome to the dark side. Sounds like you have made some good progress in the past 2 years. This will be a great base to build from. I'm not going to tell you that you shouldn't use gear, but your lack in progress does concern me. If you were growing before this and now feel that it has stopped, something is off with your plan. Sometimes guys say that they can't make more progress to justify going on gear. I'll be the first to tell you, you don't need to justfy to me that you want to run a cycle, so if thats the case ok. But if you really aren't making progress, not only would I run your cycle, but I would also tweak your plan and figure out whats wrong. Steroids shoud make a good plan better, not put a bandaid on a broken program. Regardless of your program, you will probably still make great progress on your first cycle, but to optimize your cycle and maintain as much as possible after the cycle, figure out whats going on. Myabe you need to change your training? Theres a good chance though, that it has to do with diet. As you grow, you will continue to need more food to keep growing. When you were 40 lbs lighter, what worked then is probably no where near what it will take to progress now. 

    Ok, lets talk gear. No matter how much you've gained naturally, you can make very solid gains from your first cycle, without over doing the compounds. A great first cycle would be something like this. It is very close the the Beginner bulk cycle. If you went with that, you would be good. I don't think it would hurt to have a little more test though, just in case you misjudge your cc's. Don't want to run out early. And I think you would do just fine on a little less dbol. 

    wk 1-12

    Test E 500mg EW, split into 2 shots a wk

    adex .5mg EOD- dose depending on your response to estrogen. Some need more or less

    wk 1-6

    Dbol 30mg 


    2 wks after last shot, PCT starts. Clomid 100mg ED for 7 days. Then 14 more days at 50mg


    There is a TON more reading you need to do before you jump in, but this should get you srarted. You want to totally understand what you are taking and why are are taking it. These are all very powerful drugs and deserve lots of respect. Heres a link to understanding injections. Then come back here to the QA and read read read. Lots of questions are posed here by guys just like you. You'll benefit from reading the responses I have given to others.


    Get back to me with any further questions you have


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