Ongoing cylcle

  • anonymous599
    Ongoing cylcle
    on: 2015-06-27 08:38:12
    Hi, I've been on test e 250 for 10 weeks now. I'm a newbie at this so I wanted to see how I would react to test. I know I was taken a small amount of it (250 ml a week)but my question is.... can I up it to 5oo ml a week for 10 more weeks or should I stop and do a pct cycle for 1o weeks first? I'm 28 years old, 5'7", 180 lbs
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Ongoing cylcle
    on: 2015-07-11 04:05:07

    Hey bro, on either 250 or 500, your natural production slows/stops, once you start. Your best bet now, it to come off and see how you recover, This is a big part of learning how you respond to test, knowing how you recover. I would do a PCT and the from there, plan your next run. Good for you starting with 250mg for your first cycle. I'm sure you made some nice gains and now you can effectively double your dose in the next cycle and get that much better of an effect.