Hgh for undr 40 female

  • DCT
    Hgh for undr 40 female
    on: 2013-10-28 19:49:48
    My bro's girl is 38. She works out 2-3dys a wk but not hardcore,follows pretty good diet.She is bout to do 1 i.U.M-F and was wondering if you thnk this amount would give her the hair,skin,nails,libido,sense of well being and mostly fat-loss benefits of the GH.She is not a gym rat just tryin to stay lookin good..thanks for all your help.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Hgh for undr 40 female
    on: 2013-10-30 03:00:57

    Its hard to say exactly how each individual will respond, especially when it comes to fat loss in an individual that only goes to the gym 2-3 times a wk. I would say that for someone to get good, consistent results from a training and diet program, 4 times a wk in the gym is the min. When someone is really dialed in, even small changes are very noticable. I had a female friend who knew her body well and 1iu made a difference that was very noticable to her. She got great pumps and maintained more fullness, as I would expect when I use a higher dose. At 38 yrs old, as long as the growth is of a good quality, I would expect to see some cosmetic benefits over the long run, increased strength in hair and nails, possibly reversing of wrinkles over a longer period of use. 

    I've seen figure girls, that were working hard, use 1IU and look great on stage. How much of that was hard work, vs just gh is hard to say. I'm sure it was a combo of both hard work and gh to push them just a little further. It can be harder to tell how well growth is working, as its effect is slow to develop. Unlike gear, you won't see dramatic differences in weeks. It's gonna take time. If she doesnt see the begining of what she's looking for in 8-10 wks, I would first consider dedicating more time to training and cardio and second, upping the dose to 1.5iu and see how she responds from there.