HGH Bac Water Mix?

  • anonymous775
    HGH Bac Water Mix?
    on: 2015-08-11 02:11:06
    Hey man, thanks for your time. I just got Hygetropin 1 kit (10 vials x10iu) and I also ordered Bac Water. First I was wondering what you would advise as far how much water to put into the vial of GH so I can properly gauge the iu correctly? Do I just put in 10iu's of water and then one 1iu is a true 1iu dose? Second, how would you advise a first timer to cycle this to gauge results one shot every other day, one shot every day, 5days 2off, I'm asking because I read a few different through out your blogs so I just thought I would ask directly.Thanks again for all your support and patience.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: HGH Bac Water Mix?
    on: 2015-08-20 05:47:09

    Hello brother, first off, good choice on GH. Hype's make a great product. I would suggest adding 1ml of water. That way, every 10iu of water is equal to 1iu GH. So to restate this, if you put in 1ml of water, drawing to the 10 on an insulin syringe will give you 1iu. 

    As for what should your protocol be, the more often you dose your GH, the faster you will see your results. 5 on, 2 off is a good way to make your GH last a little longer and I don't think your levels will drop too low. Personally, I woud do at least 5 on, 2 off, if not more days on. Dosing depends on your goals and how long you can run it. If you only ordered 1 kit, it isn't going to get you really far. If you use 2iu, you will see fat loss and maybe more fullness. I would start at 2iu and then get more GH. When you get to 4-5iu, you could make better muscle gains as long as you are doing everything right and you are also using gear. Combining GH with test will produce much better results than GH alone