GH- Bacteriostatic water

  • anonymous758
    GH- Bacteriostatic water
    on: 2015-08-14 23:37:32
    Hi, I recently ordered hgh, although im not new to AAS, gh is somewhat new to me. Though I have done research and know what I want to do, I'm having alot of trouble finding bacteriostatic water for injection even at pharmacies around me and what not. Is there any way to get this stuff?? Also what would you recommend me doing with it like unit wise a day? and if i should run it along with my test E and D-bol? I have the yellow tops and also hygetropin6'1 225
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: GH- Bacteriostatic water
    on: 2015-08-26 15:58:07

    Ok as for finding bac water, do a google search. You can find it for about $5-$10 a bottle and have it delivered to your door, safe, cheap and legal. As for dosing, it is going to depend on your goals. At the least, 2iu will help with general health, improving a little fat loss. I personally think 3-4 iu of a good GH is a nice place to be. I find it hard to get fat no matter how big my off season diet is, and my quality of muscle seems better when I continue on and run it through a diet, into a contest. The difference is small, but it does help. And it helps to keep me full, when calories are lower. Anymore now days, I don't go above 5-6iu. I just can't justify the cost of running doses above that long term. If I'm going to run GH, I would to be able to afford to do it long term, say at least 6 months. At this point, I just run it almost all year. I may take a month off, here or there. Up in the 5-6iu range, or more, when combined with insulin, you will see some better muscle growth while staying lean. The get big combo, only for advanced guys that understand insulin, is GH. insulin, and AAS. Now if you are the kind of guy that gets fat easily, insulin may not be needed. For an ecto that doesn't have a strong response to insulin, it can be helpful. For an endo, it may just make him very fat! And yes, AAS goes very well together with GH. GH alone will not do a ton, until you combine it with AAS. 

    I would start with the yellow tops, as the generics probably are not as strong as the hyges. Then I would use the hyges when you run out of yellow top generics. Hyge has been shown to be over dosed. The 10iu vials may contain 13iu, so you could get away with using a little less of them per day