Durabolin, dbol and joints...

  • anonymous170
    Durabolin, dbol and joints...
    on: 2015-08-17 00:02:06
    Hi. First thanks for answering my questions consider problem with my intolerance with GH even in 1iu daily-at least I know that Im not alone with that... Next problem is-im 30years old, from 4years im suffering from kind a autoimmunosupressive disease what mainly affecting my joints and tendons...there is no cure for that, I can only eventually taking for example betamethasone what is strong corticosteroid...I training since im 14een-thats like breathing for me...and now I would give everything to wake up in the morning or make workout without pain...Im still training but its like fighting with myself and pain. What I was thinking is to go on cycle of NPP with primo, dbol or anavar...I didn t take anything from 6years beside HRT doses of test what is 1amp 250mg omnadren every 2weeks. Before I quit cycles 6years ago I was mainly using test prop, winstrol and proviron...last time I took deca and dbol it was like 10years ago-I stoped use them in target of quality and hardness of my shape-but I remember that well being and comfort of training on cycles with deca and dbol was wonderfull...that's what I think about right now...I just have enough of pain and powerless of doctors treatments...do you think I shoud make a cycle of NPP(have veterinary Ganekyl 50mg/ml, bought in vet pharma myself), add primo with that? and dbol or anavar(have geneza from naps) in place of dbol? I never used anavar before-don't know how it work for me? What doses you recommend...Have also primobolan bayer(from naps) and Vet boldegan(eq) what you think will make job the best in this case???
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Durabolin, dbol and joints...
    on: 2015-08-29 01:55:26

    Hey bro, in my personal experience, all gear except for winstrol seems to help with joint pain personally. Maybe it's the fluid retention. I will say that deca does seem to have an extra punch though. I personally find that the joint pain relief effect from nandralone comes more from deca than from NPP. Maybe it has to do with the build up due to the long ester. Maybe it has to do with the added water retention. I can't be sure. But I do notice more joint relief on deca than NPP. On the other hand, I also notice more bloating so if you use it for this purpose, remember to keep the dose lower if you are looking to still maintain a crisp appearance. I'd suggest a low dose of deca at about 200-300mg EW. But hey, if you have access to NPP, you could always give it a try. The nice thing about NPP is that it kicks in so fast. You could be feeling it's effect within a couple of weeks and within a month, you will know very well, if it is helping with your joint and tendon issues. Combining NPP with primo is a great cycle for hardness and improving the quality of your physique. Using var would also add to the plan. You could do something like this and when you want to come off, you could go back to your HRT dosing. If your lab work looks good, you could always add 1cc of deca into your plan. Just keep an eye on your labs


    Test 500-750mg EW

    Primo 400mg EW

    NPP 50mg EOD


    You could add the var in for the first 8 wks or last 8 wks, depending on what you prefer. Some guys like to kick start their cycles. I prefer to use more orals toward the tail end, if my goal is to reduce body fat and look harder.